Legal - illegal

Legal - illegal

Since the Interstate Gambling Treaty has become effective in 2008 , many changes have applied. It is easy to lose sight of what is really allowed and what is not.
Only gambling featuring a license, i.e. permission, are legal. These include:

  • State casinos

  • Lotto

  • Sports betting with the stately Toto-Lotto GmbH

  • Betting on horse racing

  • Slot machines


On the other hand, all offerings not featuring a license are illegal. These primarily include:


  • All online gambling (also online-poker)
  • Gambling in betting agencies (sports betting)

  • ambling with unlicensed operators (e.g., in the back room of a pub)


In all illegal gambling, the danger of fraud, e.g., in the payment of the winnings, is very high. Since the real operation, namely participation in illegal gambling, is punishable, there is no legal protection. Also, in online gambling, the gambling operators can often not be seized, since they are set up abroad.


Online gambling is prohibited in Germany – even when there are numerous opportunities to gamble on the internet! This does not only apply to operators, but also to individuals who participate in online gambling; they also render themselves liable to prosecution.

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