Großes Spiel

Großes Spiel in Spielbanken

Roulette, cards and games of dice in casinos are identified as “Großes Spiel”. In Casinos money is replaced by so-called chips, which represent a corresponding money value (e. g. 5€, 50€). Money is exchanged into these chips before gambling.


Chips can be placed on red, black, odd or even but also on numbers from 0-36. Chances of winning are graded differently, from the simple value of the bet (e.g., black or red) up to 35 times the value of the bet. A ball is thrown into a spinning roulette wheel and stays on a number at the end. Winnings are paid out immediately after the end of the game.

Black Jack 

This is a card game where one gambles against the bank. The goal is to reach the value of 21 with one’s cards. gambler coming closer to this value than the bank wins. If the value is exceeded, the bank wins. Winnings are also paid out here immediately. The feeling of being able to influence the outcome of the game e.g., by card counting or skilful tactical playing may occur to gamblers.


In baccarat, the gamblers do not play against the bank, but against each other. The goal is to reach nine points with two or three cards - or to be closer to nine than the other gambler. The winnings are paid immediately after the end of the game and the gambler has the feeling of being able to influence the outcome of the game through tactical playing.


All of these games are also offered online on the internet and therefore are available 24 hours, seven days a week. Gamblers are alone in front of the PC; there is no social control. The betting is done via credit cards and direct debit.
Important: Online gambling is not permitted in Germany; players who gamble at foreign operators are liable to prosecution!

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