What to do?

What to do?

In general: If you are uncertain about your own behaviour or are concerned about someone else, professionals in counselling centres or on counselling hotlines can help. The sooner you seek help for addiction, the quicker a solution can be found!

What should I do if I am worried about someone?

  • Look fort information on the topic
  • Discuss your own worries openly – peacefully and matter-of-factly, without criticizing the other person
  • Give information, e.g., from this homepage, to the person involved
  • Counselling centres also support relatives; there is the possibility “of unburdening oneself“
  • Do not lend money, take on any loans, etc.
  • Obtain information on the possibility of a third-party ban

What should I do if my thoughts are circling around gambling?

  • A short self-test can help to clarify the situation


  • Contact a counselling centre; you will receive support in the selection of appropriate measures such as a self-help groups, outpatient help and inpatient therapy


  • Credit counselling centres can help you to get a grip on the financial situation
  • In Germany there is the possibility to have oneself banned from casinos as well as from the Lotto/Toto offerings.

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