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Accidents at Home

Home accidents account for approximately one third of all injuries. The majority of injuries of children under five and people over 75 years of age occur at home.
In every dwelling, there are potential threats to individual safety such as stairs and windows, electricity and heating, bathtubs and stoves. Every building bears a risk. However, simple safety measures, such as preventing falls from stairs, can be implemented to create a safe home environment. As not every risk can be avoided completely, the opportunities of architecture and building design for making housing features as safe as possible have to be identified.
For this, it is necessary to ascertain the major risks in order to develop a list of the most relevant housing hazards, and to determine existing best practice examples for prevention. So furniture with sharp edges and open or slippery stairs can easily be made safer by simple means, likehandrails e.g.

Even safety-conscious behaviour can help to prevent accidents.Ultimately, it should be the objective to establish guidelines and regulations for the construction and design of safe homes.